Øredev Open, registration is now closed!

On Thursday evening, 10 November, from 18:30-22:00, we will host the Øredev Open. The Open gives the opportunity for user groups and developer communities in the region to have access to all the knowledge and networking at the conference by being there and setting the evening’s agenda. There’s food, drink, fun and agendas set by the communities. It’s a great way for everyone from all sides of the coin to mingle in an exclusive  environment with knowledge sharing at it’s center.

There’s something in it for everybody:

User groups and communities get access to the conference for the evening and have the chance to invite conference speakers to speak on their speciality in a relaxed atmosphere and get to set the agenda.

Sponsors get the chance to help cover the entry fee for user groups, letting them know they care about user groups and have a chance to introduce the evening. They may also have a roll up in the room. Events may have one sponsor or more.

Conference speakers and attendees get a chance to drop in on these less formal sessions and participate.

Currently we have:

Java, .Net, scala, PMI, Test and Ruby. Agendas for the evening are being set now and may be posted here at a later date

A sample track agenda might be:

18:30- 19:00 mingle/apertif
19:00-19:30 dinner
19:30-20:00 settle and introduce evening
20:00-20:45 talk/workshop
20:45- 21:00 break
21:00-21:45 workshop/talk
end at 22:00

Whether you are a member of a user group or an interested knowledge seeker, Come and join us for food and drinks in a relaxed convivial atmosphere celebrating the diffusion of ideas



Evening Sponsors: