Session: A practical overview of Java EE 6

Friday 13.00 - 13.50
Room: Honey Badger

In this session you will see the programming model introduced with Java EE 6. We will give plenty of code examples; the talk is about giving the attendee an impression of the APIs in Java EE 6, and how those APIs are used together. We will show CDI (dependency injection), JPA, JAX-RS, EJB and JSF. Come to see this talk if you didn't work with Java EE 6 yet, and want to know what's new.

Tags: Back end Hands on Java


See how the Java EE 6 APIs work together to give a powerful and clean programming model

Paul BakkerPaul Bakker

Paul Bakker is an architect for Luminis Technologies. Paul is contributor on several open source projects; for the past year most notably JBoss Forge. He also works on Amdatu, Apache ACE and has contributed to BndTools and several other JBoss projects. He has a background as trainer where he was teaching Java related courses and is still a regular conference speaker on conferences such as Devoxx, JavaOne, JFokus, JBoss World, JUDCon and JFall.