Session: Be brave, dive in and lead the testing for mobile apps

Friday 15.20 - 16.10
Room: Keyboard Cat

Mobile apps are threatening to engulf software development at many organisations large and small. Even organisations at the vanguard are struggling to find ways to develop and test their mobile apps, and the rest are either much further behind or yet to dip their toes in the water. We can wait for others to tell us what to do or we can start to lead by example where we experiment and discover ways to test and validate our mobile apps cost effectively. With turbulence and change we have a great opportunity to learn, experiment, and for some of us to effect significant changes and improvements.

Let's find ways to incorporate testing and validation of our mobile apps. This session will provide a catalyst for some of you, for others perhaps you're already making progress so it'll provide another perspective from someone who's been immersed in mobile apps since 2006 and who's learnt to enjoy the experiences immersion brings.

Tags: Creative Mobile Test

Julian HartyJulian Harty

Julian's been actively involved in testing and test automation for mobile apps since 2006. He develops Android apps, works on testing and test automation for web and mobile apps and shares much of his material freely. He's worked for Google for 4 years and eBay for 18 months in global roles. Over the years he's also participated in hundred's of workshops and conferences globally.