Session: Building Highly Successful Windows Phone Apps: a Recipe for Repeated Success

Friday 11.10 - 12.00
Room: Grinding the Crack

Standing out in the Windows Phone marketplace is getting more and more difficult, but still achievable with high quality apps. The OS delivers a different look and feel compared to other platforms and as a results users expect, download and buy apps that are tailored for this platform.

I'll be walking through the systematic approach our team followed when releasing apps - Cocktail Flow, Flashlight 7, AppFlow, Weather Flow, Skyscanner - that have all made it to the top 100 list as well as being among the highest rated ones on the platform. I'll be talking about our inspiration, market research methods as well as covering the planning and design process. I'll also share our most important implementation decisions, issues faced and lessons learned.

Tags: Creative Mobile UX .NET

Gergely OroszGergely Orosz

Gergely works for Skype in London. He has been working with Windows Phone since the first SDK release early 2010. He has been involved in developing some of the top rated and highly successful applications on the Marketplace like Cocktail Flow, AppFlow and Weather Flow.