Workshop: Creating User Experiences: An Entry Point for Developers

monday 8.30 - 16.30
Room: Ken Lee

A new generation of personal devices has changed what users expect from technology. Users now expect better experiences in all the software they use, including business applications. But great user experiences don’t just happen – they are designed. Most developers are very weak in the areas needed for that: fundamental design principles, the design and prototyping process, and user experience patterns.

But there is nothing magical about design, and it is well within the capabilities of most developers to learn the basics. This workshop provides an entry point. Billy Hollis has lived in both worlds, and understands how to explain design concepts in terms developers understand. Using everything from tangible examples to scientific principles of brain wiring to interactive exercises, this workshop is specifically constructed to help developers embrace concepts and processes for creating better user experiences. Whether you work with a designer or have to do it all yourself, whether you are a developer, development manager, or business analyst, these concepts can help you design better business applications, raise productivity, and increase user satisfaction.

Tags: Creative Front end UX

Billy HollisBilly Hollis

Billy Hollis is a software generalist, an author and a well known speaker. He has been in the software industry for over 30 years and currently he runs his own consulting practice in Nashville, Tennessee USA, focusing on advanced user interface design and development, rules–based architectures, and healthcare systems.