Session: Dynamically animating user interfaces and custom Android views

Friday 15.20 - 16.10
Room: Nyan Cat

Creating vivid user interfaces with tasteful animations can both make your applications more appealing and more usable, but the standard A to B style transitions commonly available in SDKs just don't cut it sometimes. This presentation will present an easy technique for creating user interfaces that feel alive and incorporates "behaviors" rather than state transitions. This will be shared through code examples for Android where we'll see how this can be implemented into custom Android views. To complement this, basic knowledge and tips on how to properly implement custom views in Android will be shared.

Tags: Creative Mobile UX


In this session you will see methods for implementing dynamically animating user interfaces for mobile applications. We'll also cover the basics of how to properly create custom Android views.

Andreas AgvardAndreas Agvard

A software developer who has spent the last 3 years of his professional career working with Android. He has worked in several different layers of the Android platform, but has a particular fondness for things that look pretty on the screen. He is currently working in a UI software team at Sony Mobile.