Session: Effective Scala

Wednesday 13.00 - 13.50
Room: Grinding the Crack

Everything you always wanted to know about Scala but were afraid to ask.
If you want to be able to optimize your use of the Scala programming language to solve real world problems without explosions, broken thumbs or bullet wounds then this is the session for you.
During the presentation there will be a lot of do's and don't's in order to guide you into how to become a better Scala developer. The target audience is intermediate to advanced Scala developers.

Tags: Emerging languages Java

Henrik EngströmHenrik Engström

Henrik has worked as a professional software developer since 1998. During these years his main focus has been on highly transactional systems within the finance, retail and e-gambling industries. He is currently based in Sweden and works in the Akka team at Typesafe.