Workshop: Fast Track to Play

monday 8.30 - 16.30
Room: Double Rainbow

This one-day course, designed by Fredrik Ekholdt, a Scala and web application expert, and Peter Hausel, one of the main Play committers, is what you need to quick start web application development with Play 2.0.

It is intended to enable developers who want to consolidate their Scala skills and learn about this great web framework.

The course will center around a web application that you will build from the ground up using Play 2.0. Therefore it is necessary to bring your notebook with Java 6 installed. Code examples and exercises will be written in Scala, so previous experience with Scala is required. Experience with HTML and JavaScript is also a prerequisite.

After having participated in this course you should:

* know how to build fully fledged web applications using Play 2.0
* know best practices for developing web applications using Play 2.0
* be confident to start using Play 2.0 application in production


* Play 2.0 philosophy and architecture
* Introduction of the application to be created
* Getting started with Play 2.0
* The controller and routing
* Views and templates
* Forms
* Caching
* Working with JSON in Play
* Ajax
* Building non-blocking web applications


Trond BjerkestrandTrond Bjerkestrand

Trond is a Scala trainer and consultant at Typesafe. He has a long experience developing web applications and is a firm believer in strong static typing for mission critical web sites. Besides giving trainings and helping customers take full advantage of the Typesafe Stack Trond is co-founding, a new approach to Internet payment. Before joining Typesafe he co-founded and worked as a consultant at Accenture.