Session: Go: a simple programming environment

Friday 10.00 - 10.50
Room: Nyan Cat

Go is a general-purpose language that bridges the gap between efficient statically typed languages and productive dynamic language. But it’s not just the language that makes Go special – Go has broad and consistent standard libraries and powerful but simple tools.

This talk gives an introduction to Go, followed by a tour of some real programs that demonstrate the power, scope, and simplicity of the Go programming environment.

Tags: Back end Emerging languages Hands on Web


Attendees should have programming experience.

Andrew GerrandAndrew Gerrand

Andrew Gerrand works on the Go Programming Language at Google Sydney. He has written dozens of articles about Go, and given many talks and workshops at conferences around the world. He is the co-author of A Tour of Go (, and is the fourth most prolific contributor to the Go project. He is passionate about software quality, and believes Go is a unique tool for building reliable software at scale. Before Google, Andrew wrote software for startups and Internet providers.