Session: Lambdas in Java SE 8 or co-evolving libraries, the language and the VM

Friday 11.10 - 12.00
Room: Gangnam Style

Lambdas is going to be the biggest new feature in Java SE 8. This presentation will show you the need for lambdas, the feature in itself, and also how adding lambdas to Java makes makes it necessary to solve the problem of library evolution. Also you get to see how lambda expressions, type inference, default methods and library improvements makes parallelism much easier to express.

Tags: Hard Core Java


Learn about our current implementation of, the background of, and what we have planned for Lambdas -- the biggest Java SE 8 feature.

Joel Borggrén-FranckJoel Borggrén-Franck

Joel works in the Langtools team at Oracle Java Platform Group. He is currently working on the Java compiler in general and new annotation features in particular. Coming from the JRockit Sustaining Engineering organisation he sometimes misses debugging crashed VMs by looking at assembler in hex in GDB. During nighttime he hacks on toy virtual machines for dynamically typed languages.