Session: Making offshore testing work

Thursday 16.45 - 17.35
Room: Keyboard Cat

I have been a tester in an outsourced project, a test manager for an outsourced project, consultant to test teams that work on outsourced projects and now running a testing services business where our business and money comes from outsourced testing.

I assure you, I am not going to talk about my company and this is no sales pitch. I am genuinely interested at helping people in Europe work smoother and better with wherever they have outsourced testing to. I interact with companies in India that are primarily focused on testing services from Europe or the company in Europe has an IT center in India. I have been through all this and know some major pain points in outsourcing and most importantly making it work. I have been asked to advice companies wanting to outsource to India on evaluating vendors and how to make it work.

Most importantly, I have known projects that failed, have had my share of messing things up, made things work, know why some people have challenge working on it and advice companies on making it work.

In my talk I want to get the audience thinking:

* Understanding cultural differences and its impact
* Project failure reasons
- People & their ego
- Process & Metrics that hinder the progress
- SLA and the screw ups
- Day to day interaction woes
- Language and Accent
- What's really happening both sides

* How important it is for you to ask for good services
* What we think works for us
* What you may need to change and what we may need to change
* Free consultation post my talk (again, guaranteed, no sales pitch)

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Pradeep SoundararajanPradeep Soundararajan

Pradeep Soundararajan is a renowned tester from India. He is the Founder & Chief Consultant of Moolya ( ) a new generation testing services company from India that helps its domestic and international customers to gain high value through through exploratory testing & check automation. Prior to being known as the Founder of Moolya, Pradeep was an independent consultant, coach, author and invited speaker at many conferences worldwide. He blogs at