Session: My mom told me that Git doesn't scale

Wednesday 14.10 - 15.00
Room: Gangnam Style

With over 2 million and a half repositories, GitHub is the world's largest source code host. Since day one, we've faced an unique engineering problem: making terabytes of Git data always available, either directly or through our website. This talk offers a hopefully insightful view into the internals of Git, the way its original design affects our scalable architecture, and the many things we've learnt while solving this fascinating problem.

Tags: Architecture Dev Ops Tools


Explaining to the audience why making Git scale is both a fascinating and difficult problem, and sharing some of the technologies and concepts we've learnt while trying to solve it.

Vicent MartiVicent Marti

Vicent Martí has a name which is difficult to pronounce. Despite his main occupation as bananologist, he spends his spare time working full time at GitHub, where he builds tools for the people who build the Internet. His dreams invaded by shadowy figures: pink ponies and raw pointers, he loves sharing his love for what he believes is beautiful technology. As an European citizen (Spain, according to his passport), Vicent enjoys drums and yellow things and the sweet sweet smell of civilization.