Session: Quantum Leap: Being a Designer in the Year 2038

Thursday 11.10 - 12.00
Room: Nyan Cat

What will it be like to be a designer in the future? No need to wait until the year 2038. In this session we will explore projections of future technologies like genetics, nanotechnology, neuroscience and biology to gain insights on how to start acting today to design for people with the help of science. By the end of the session we will have gained immediately applicable and practical methods to architect experiences and design user interfaces that speak to your users' brain(s). With the explosion of devices, screen sizes, form factors and input mechanisms, designing a user experience requires a radically different, more architectural approach that can better enable the creative team - designers and developers - to breakthrough from the confines of pixels and instead free us up to think in terms of flow and user emotions. Learning from science, this session will share some of the exploration and thinking that designers are going through today to define methods and practices that enable the creation of device and screen size agnostic user experiences.

Tags: Creative UX


Gain immediately applicable and practical methods to do research, architect experiences and design multi-screen and multi-device user interfaces that speak to your users' brain(s) more directly.

Abdelmonaim RemaniAbdelmonaim Remani

A software developer and technology enthusiast at heart and by profession. Particularly interested in technology evangelism and enterprise software development and architecture. Experienced in Java Enterprise Applications and a wide range of related technologies. President and Founder of a number of organizations namely The NorCal Java User Group, The Silicon Valley Dart Meetup, and The Silicon Valley Spring User Group. Abdel is a frequent speaker at a number of developer conferences including JavaOne, JAX Conf, and OsCon, and many user groups and community events.