Session: Retrofitting a software architecture to an existing code-base

Friday 11.10 - 12.00
Room: Double Rainbow

We can do without architecture early on, but at some point a clearly communicated architecture offers big productivity benefits to developers who otherwise drown in the expanding implementation-level detail. When you realize you are heading for a Big Ball of Mud, you have 3 choices – start over, suffer on, or knock your codebase into shape. This talk outlines principles, options and examples using Structure101 to get the best return for the cost and intellectual effort invested in a codebase.

Tags: Architecture Java Tools .NET


Moderate experience developing on Java and/or .NET projects

Chris ChedgeyChris Chedgey

He has an MSc. in Computer Science from Trinity College Dublin. He has 28 years of experience in commercial software development, notably on large military and aerospace projects in Canada, including 5 years on the International Space Station project. Co-founder of Headway Software and designer of the JOLT winners Structure101 and Restructure101, he has 2 lovely daughters in college and lives on the south-east coast of Ireland.