Session: Secrets of the Chrome Developer Tools

Wednesday 14.10 - 15.00
Room: Keyboard Cat

The Developer Tools built into Google Chrome provide powerful ways to understand, debug, and profile web applications. Most developers are familiar with its basic inspection and debugging tools, but some of its most valuable features, like the timeline and memory analysis tools, are lesser known. This talk will provide an overview of the Chrome dev tools and an in-depth demonstration of some of the lesser-known features.

Tags: Front end Tools Web


An introduction to the Chrome Developer Tools, and in-depth look at some of its coolest, lesser-known features. You'll learn techniques for debugging, profiling, and analyzing web front-ends.

Patrick DubroyPatrick Dubroy

Patrick Dubroy is a programmer and interaction guy who works at Google on the Chrome team. Previously, he worked on the Android framework team, built next-generation user interfaces at BumpTop, and worked on virtual machines at IBM. When not at the keyboard, he can usually be found on his bike, or relaxing in one of Munich's many beer gardens.