Workshop: Session Based Test Management using Mindmaps

monday 13.30 - 16.30
Room: Keyboard Cat

I was successful with freestyle exploratory testing but when I tried SBTM, the first few times I looked like a failure. After introspection, I found, I didn't make it my own. I made it work for me. I claim to know the secrets (there are none) to make it work for others and have been helping testers to use them effectively in the projects they work.

I wish I could have used a mindmap to explain what will be covered in this workshop :) Bring on your laptop/iPad/Tab with any mind mapping software installed on it to experience SBTM using Mindmaps.

Here are things that would become obvious to you during the workshop:

* Exploratory Test Management
* Session Based Test Management
* Mind mapping and harnessing its power to make SBTM super easy

As you practice these things over, you would be able to

* Plan and run exploratory testing for your project
* Make yourself and your team highly accountable
* Control the trajectory of your project
* Have answers to many questions that bother you
* Get completely away from scripted testing
* Manage test projects better
* Show real value to clients by more wider and deeper coverage

I am going to set the ball rolling for you

* Making you experience how to do it
* Allowing you to make the mistakes you are likely to and help you correct it
* Answer questions that you have in mind
* Practice ET, SBTM and Mindmapping with me in the workshop

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Pradeep SoundararajanPradeep Soundararajan

Pradeep Soundararajan is a renowned tester from India. He is the Founder & Chief Consultant of Moolya ( ) a new generation testing services company from India that helps its domestic and international customers to gain high value through through exploratory testing & check automation. Prior to being known as the Founder of Moolya, Pradeep was an independent consultant, coach, author and invited speaker at many conferences worldwide. He blogs at