Session: Stupid questions and n00bs - top ten intriguing things you need to do

Wednesday 10.00 - 10.50
Room: Grinding the Crack

It really doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in this industry or which position you hold, understanding generation n00b and the value it brings should be mandatory for you. After asking a stupid question daily on the blog and interviewing hundreds of n00bs, employers, and teachers I’ve collected for you some rather intriguing and invaluable advice. In this unique narrated short film session I plan to shock, share and shine some light on your most valuable asset: gen. n00bs & stupid questions

Tags: Agile Creative Fun Rebel Team

Iris ClassonIris Classon

Iris recently caught the attention of the developer community with her tremendous passion for programming and unique career path; a reg. clinical dietician turned programmer. Within a year she earned MCPD & MCTS certifications, was invited to join MEET, and landed a fulltime developer job. She’s been interviewed on Hanselminutes, Code Project, and Pluralsight and is today a Technical Evangelist for Telerik, software developer for Dotnet Mentor and organizor of the Sweden Pluralsight Study Group