Session: Testing Online Crazy Glue: Strategies for building testable PHP applications

Wednesday 15.40 - 16.30
Room: Keyboard Cat

PHP won the early battles for the web because it is online crazy glue. Testing applications written in PHP can be challenging without some guidance as there is lots of info on how to use testing tools but very little info on how to build your application in such a way that it can be easily tested.

This talk will cover strategies that can be used to shape your application in such a way that you'll be making production pushes multiple times a day with complete confidence.

This session will cover some concepts necessary for testing: the power of loosely-coupled systems, environmental consistency, dependency injection, automation and pragmatic test choices

Tags: Front end Test Web


Participants should be familiar with Test-Driven Development concepts

Chris HartjesChris Hartjes

Chris Hartjes has been building web applications since 1998, mostly using PHP. Having built applications ranging from online searchable CD catalogs to high-traffic dating web sites to social commerce platforms, he tries to give back to the community via his blog, by speaking at conferences and by co-organizing his local PHP user group. He is also a big believer in best practices, testing, and automation as secret weapons for organizations to quickly deliver high-quality applications.