Session: Testing that made me proud

Thursday 14.10 - 15.00
Room: Keyboard Cat

“I am proud because of” is the opening line of three testing professionals sharing this lightning talk session with test as its main theme.

Martin Karlsson from Lundalogik will share how his company uses dogfooding for ensuring quality. Their administrative staff uses test versions of their own products in their daily work.

Mattias Gustavsson from Securitas Direct will talk about note taking as a key part to be successful with Session Based Test Management. What kind of note takers they have and how they created a simple tool that gave freedom to their team so they could be creative but still keep a high quality in their notes.

Linda Hoff from RIM will present Test reports that actually bring value. Three examples of test reports that differ from traditional reports but still contains parts that she is specifically proud of.

Tags: Team Test Tools