Session: The growbotron, an iPhone powered farm. Not farmville.... a real farm.

Wednesday 13.00 - 13.50
Room: Nyan Cat

Geeks aren't born with green thumbs, dirt under the fingernail isn't a work hazard when one spends the day working at a keyboard. So, what better way than to merge the two than to bring tech into the garden.

With the rise of popular projects like the Garduino, gardeners can now begin to use electronically collected data to grow better plants. We'll look into some of the types of gardening one can do and what sorts of plants benefit from electronic monitoring. I will show you how I built my setup and provide the source code and arduino sketches to build one of your own!

Tags: Creative Embedded Mobile


Curiousity, good sense of humor, an old iPhone and an Arduino.

Chris HughesChris Hughes

Hacked iPhone, went to google, then at&t, then started and sold a few startups, and now I'm building another one.