Session: The Rebels Come Out Online - What if the Internet is something much bigger than we think?

Thursday 20.00 - 21.00
Room: Keynote

"What if the Internet is something much bigger than we think?"
Alexander Bard is one of the world's leading internet social theorists and the author of "The Futurica Trilogy" together with Jan Söderqvist. In this speech he will elaborate on the fact that out of all the codes and other digital information we stuff our machines with, something much more profound, something sentient, is emerging. The internet controls us, and possesses opur imagination and worldview, rather than the other way round.

Tags: Fun Hard Core Keynote Mastery Rebel Web

Alexander BardAlexander Bard

Having made a habit of lecturing dressed in haute couture shorts and an impressive fin de siècle beard, scribbling his notes on huge whiteboards rather than parading just another predictable power-point presentation, the larger-than-life Alexander Bard's simultaneously entertaining and earth-shattering lectures have consistently topped the ratings at major business and management conferences around the world. And as any good speaker does, Bard takes pride in practicing the message he preaches.