Session: Transform Your Agile Process with Kanban Thinking

Thursday 13.00 - 13.50
Room: Ken Lee

Large-scale software and systems development involves a complex mix of people, teams, technologies, skills, architectures, and organizational structures that must all interact for projects to reach their goals. However, many organizations struggle to scale up agile approaches for their various programs, products, and services. Karl Scotland introduces a process model for designing a contextually appropriate Kanban system for complex and large-scale development. The model is based on the central theme of systems thinking to achieve optimal flow, deliver high value, and enhance business capabilities. Karl shows you how to design a custom Kanban system by studying the current development process, reaching an initial system understanding, sharing that understanding, putting limits in place, sensing how the system is performing, and continually learning from the system to guide improvements. Rather than providing a cookbook solution, Karl describes a framework for your organization to establish and evolve unique and relevant solutions that will enable a successful development process transformation.

Tags: Agile Team Tools

Karl ScotlandKarl Scotland

Karl Scotland is a versatile software practitioner with over 15 years of experience covering development, project management, team leadership, coaching and training. For the last 10 years he has been applying Agile methods, and most recently has been a pioneer and advocate of Kanban. Currently a Coach with Rally Software in the UK, Karl is a founding member of the Lean Software & Systems Consortium and the Limited WIP Society, and has previously worked with the BBC, Yahoo! and EMC Consulting.