Session: Web Performance

Thursday 11.10 - 12.00
Room: Honey Badger

Speed is an essential for a great web experience but it often gets overlooked.

We'll examine how speed affects the users' experience and cover some ways we can measure and analyse it.

Then we'll run though optimisation best practices, take a look at how browsers and networks affect load times, before diving into some of the challenges the mobile web and the dangers third-party javascript bring.

You'll come away with:

- an understanding why web performance is important
- details of services and tools you can use to measure and analyse page load times
- actions you can take to improve performance
- why getting pages to load quickly on mobile is a challenge
- some things to watch out for when using javascript that's hosted on other sites

Tags: Dev Ops Hands on Javascript Mastery Web

Andy DaviesAndy Davies

Andy is a freelance consultant who first stumbled into web performance in late '90s when he was trying to deliver e-learning over dial-up connection speeds and has been hooked ever since. Based in the UK, Andy helps companies measure, analyse and improve the performance, and reliability of their web sites and applications. Before going freelance, Andy led the development and delivery of web-based products across a variety of sectors including education, ecommerce and logistics.