Session: Why Mud Still Rules

Thursday 16.45 - 17.35
Room: Double Rainbow

The cause of programmatic pulchritude has been championed by many over the last forty years, from the Literate Programming boomlet of the seventies, the Architecture craze of the eighties, the Patterns Movement of the nineties, and even the burgeoning Software Crafts movement of the current decade, alas, to little apparent effect. Because, for all our aspirations to the contrary, the de-facto standard software architecture remains, alas, the ubiquitous and enduring “Big Ball of Mud” school of design.

What are the mudslingers doing right?

Tags: Architecture Mastery

Brian FooteBrian Foote

Brian Foote is an itinerant software developer and rogue scholar who has been programming professionally since the 1970s. The unremitting squalor and duplication endemic he saw drove him to graduate school to study whether we could do better. This led to an interest in object-oriented programming, reflection, design patterns, and refactoring. His focus is now on why contemporary advances in tools and programming tactics have not had the impact they had once promised.