Workshop: Windows 8 development with XAML/C#

tuesday 8.30 - 12.30
Room: Keyboard Cat

Windows 8 is without a doubt an intriguing opportunity for every developer. For people with prior WPF, Silverlight or Windows Phone experience, this is the continuation of a journey started in 2006 in the XAML landscape. For others, the learning curve is steeper but made easier by the active community in these platforms. Windows 8 however comes with some unique particularities, making it sometimes challenging to transition to this new platform.

In this workshop, Laurent Bugnion, a XAML expert and enthusiast since the early days will help you to get started in Windows 8 development. We won't stop there however, and we will quickly dive into advanced topics. From networking to sensors, from best practices to visual tools, this half-day should give you a kickstart in the Windows 8 world.

Tags: Hands on .NET

Laurent BugnionLaurent Bugnion

Laurent works as Senior Director for Europe for IdentityMine, one of the leading companies for Microsoft technologies such as Windows 8, WPF, Silverlight, Microsoft Surface, Kinect, Windows Phone 7 and generally User Experience. He is based in Zurich Switzerland, where he lives with his wife and his two daughters. 2012 is his 6th year as a Microsoft MVP (Silverlight). He is also the author of the open source toolkit MVVM Light, and of the "Silverlight Unleashed" books.