Allan Kelly

Dialogue Sheets for retrospectives and good conversations

Allan Kelly has held just about every job in the software world: system admin, tester, developer, architect, product manager and development manager. Based in London, he works for Software Strategy Ltd. helping companies adopt and deepen Agile and Lean practices through training, consulting and coaching. He specialises in working with software product companies, aligning company strategy with products and processes. He is the originator of Retrospective Dialogue Sheets.





Business Patterns for Software Developers

Friday 10.00 - 10.50 in: Ken Lee

Are you a software developer who wants to start your own company? Do you want to know more about business? Maybe patterns can help.
Patterns exist not just in the software code but around the code. In the same way patterns can explain software design they can explain business design. Some patterns reappear again and again in software companies big and small. To the entrepreneur, or growing business, these patterns offer an opportunity to learn from others. Software architects can benefit too by better understanding the business environment the software exists within.
In this talk Allan Kelly will describe some of the patterns in his new book – patterns like: Same Customers, Different Product, Sales/Technical Double Act, Core Product Only, and others. He will also show how they connect together in pattern sequences and show how budding software entrepreneurs can make use of these patterns.

Tags: Agile Wetware

Dialogue Sheets for retrospectives and good conversations

Thursday 16.45 - 18.50 in: Ken Lee

Retrospectives are a key tool in the Agile toolkit. But, they aren't easy.
Some teams do them regularly - but they can become boring and repetitive.
Other teams don't do them - they lack the time, the energy or they don't have a suitable facilitator.
To overcome these problems, and enhance teamwork, Allan Kelly has created a series of Retrospective Dialogue Sheets. These are a new tool in the Agile toolkit to inject some fun and variety into retrospectives. They also abolish the role of retrospective facilitator!
Teams which have tried dialogue retrospectives report higher energy levels, more inclusive discussions and innovative findings.
The technique can be used in other situations too, dialogue sheets exist for project kick-off and for initial Agile adoption.
This is a hands on session, everyone will get a go at undertaking a simulated retrospective based on a dialogue sheet and will learn what a dialogue sheet is, how to use one, and find some new ways to improve your work.

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