Arturo Toledo

Design in the 21st Century: Skeumorphism, Modernism and Beyond

Arturo Toledo is an Architect. He runs a boutique design studio attending clients in the United States, Europe and Asia. His work explores the convergence of human arts and science to give shape to an ever evolving design practice. With a particular commitment towards design education, Arturo is permanently engaged with the international design and development communities and often travels the world to exchange ideas about design with other designers and developers.





Studio in a Box: Sketching a User Experience

Friday 10.00 - 10.50 in: Grinding the Crack

We are bringing to you our design studio, straight from Mexico City! In this session Alejandro and Arturo will conceptualize, sketch and paper-prototype a user experience. Be a part of the action and help decide what experience they will craft live on stage.

Tags: UX

Design in the 21st Century: Skeumorphism, Modernism and Beyond

Thursday 11.10 - 12.00 in: Nyan Cat

Design trends come and go, but some stay for longer or forever! Join us in this session where we will share with you some of the research and exploration we have done to understand the 3 key design paradigms exercised in planet Earth in this early 21st century: Skeumorphism, Digitalism, Modernism. You will learn the design principles behind these different paradigms and discover the specifics of each of the corresponding design languages. This should help you in your everyday design practice.

Tags: UX