Chris Beams

Modern enterprise application configuration with Spring

Chris Beams is a senior technical staff member at VMware and a core Spring Framework committer. His work in enterprise application development began in 1998 and has covered a wide range of technologies, languages and frameworks. Prior to becoming a full-time Spring committer, Chris trained hundreds of students on the topics of enterprise architecture and how best to use the Spring family of projects. He is a frequent speaker at conferences around the world and is @cbeams at Twitter and GitHub.





Modern enterprise application configuration with Spring

Thursday 10.00 - 10.50 in: Honey Badger

The Spring family of projects have long been some of the most important tools in the enterprise Java developer's toolkit. Very often though, Spring is characterized as being too dependent on XML-based configuration. This session will take a deep look at how Java applications can be configured entirely in code, eliminating Spring-, JPA- and even Servlet-related XML. We'll also look beyond efforts in the core Spring Framework and explore how higher-level Spring projects like Spring Data and Spring Integration take advantage of code based configuration.

Tags: Back end Java