Chris Harris

Hybrid Applications with MongoDB and RDBMS

Chris Harris is a European Solution Architect at 10gen. Prior to 10gen, Chris was EMEA Architect at SpringSource responsible for evangelising vFabric products and defining architectural solutions for customers across EMEA. With the acquisition of SpringSource by VMware, Chris focused on how virtualization and cloud computing can be used to address the complexity within the Enterprise. Before joining SpringSource, Chris spent his time at RedHat/JBoss providing consultancy to major clients across EMEA.





Hybrid Applications with MongoDB and RDBMS

Thursday 18.00 - 18.50 in: Grinding the Crack

Business moves fast, very fast. Its driven by making decision based on facts, but how do you deal with facts that are hours or days old? Periodic data warehouse loads and ETL process no longer scale to meet the increasing business needs in the web economy.

Todays modern organizations are combining high performance operational data stores like MongoDB with traditional business intelligence RDBMS solutions to create a hybrid than solves the business need to have fast accurate data for decision making with the ability to interpret and analyze data every which way.

This talk will try to answer the questions
• What are the business benefits using this approach
• What problem can now be solved using this approach
• How can this solution scale with the needs to the business
• Customer use cases

Tags: Architecture Database Dev Ops