Dalibor Topic

JDK 7 Updates: Director's Cut

Dalibor Topic lives in Hamburg, Germany, and works as Principal Product Manager for Oracle. He joined the OpenJDK project in order to help make it a successful open source project, and stayed for anchoring Java in Linux distributions, and as an all around Java F/OSS community guy. He joined the Java strategy team at Oracle to help provide community feedback into the long-term strategy planning.






To Java SE 8 and Beyond

Wednesday 10.00 - 10.50 in: Honey Badger

With the release of Java SE 7 last year the Java platform is back on the move, addressing the needs of developers as platforms and applications change. This session will briefly recap what was included in Java SE 7 and the Java Community Process before moving onto the current ideas for features in Java SE 8, focusing on Lambda expressions and modularity. Discussions are underway within Oracle about the main themes for Java SE 9 and beyond. We'll conclude with a look at some of the features that are being considered for inclusion in versions of Java as far forward as Java SE 12.

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JDK 7 Updates: Director's Cut

Wednesday 16.45 - 17.35 in: Honey Badger

In this talk you'll learn how the JDK 7 Updates Project in OpenJDK works, and how to work within it, how to track changes, get your fixes in, and follow along as for example the Mac OS X Port gets integrated into future JDK 7 update releases.

If you are curious what kind of fixes are encouraged for JDK 7 Updates, what it takes to become a Committer or Reviewer on this Project, how the community contributes to it, and what to expect in upcoming JDK 7 Update releases, then this talk is for you. If you'd like to understand how JDK 7 Updates make their way into Linux distributions, then this talk is for you. If you'd like to know how fixes from HotSpot, JAXP, JAXB, JDK 8, etc. get integrated into JDK 7 Updates, then this talk is for you.

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