Damian Edwards

ASP.NET 4.5: All you need to know

Damian Edwards is a Program Manager at Microsoft on the ASP.NET team where he looks after the core of ASP.NET (the bits that ship in .NET), and the Web Forms framework built on top of it. Damian is also the creator of the Web Forms MVP (http://webformsmvp.com) and SignalR (http://signalr.net) open source projects.




Building Real-Time Web Applications with ASP.NET SignalR

Thursday 10.00 - 10.50 in: Double Rainbow

WebSockets is introducing web developers to a whole new world of real-time programming but that isn't the end of the story. SignalR gives ASP.NET developers the ability to build real-time web apps that work both with and without websockets and with an API so easy to use it almost seems like magic (really). You want scale too? No problem; SignalR scales out with your application. Come and see why web programming will never be the same again.

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ASP.NET 4.5: All you need to know

Wednesday 14.10 - 15.00 in: Double Rainbow

The .NET framework had a major release this year with version 4.5 and that means updates to ASP.NET. With a completely new async core, support for websockets, modern templates and plenty of improvements to help modernize your Web Forms applications including Model Binding and Unobtrusive Validation, come and see what makes this release of ASP.NET the best yet.

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