Dennis Gustafsson

Optimizing Mobile Games

Dennis co-founded Meqon in 2002, developing game physics middleware. Meqon was later acquired by AGEIA Technologies and the software was integrated into the PhysX SDK, now owned by NVIDIA. Dennis also wrote a game engine profiling and tuning tool called Dresscode, which was acquired by RAD Game Tools. In 2011 he co-founded Mediocre with Henrik Johansson and released the mobile game Sprinkle. The game received an IMGA award for best casual game and has been downloaded over four million times.



Optimizing Mobile Games

Wednesday 16.45 - 17.35 in: Nyan Cat

Sprinkle was released simultaneously on Android and iOS in August 2011 and has been downloaded more than four million times to date. It includes realistic fluid simulation which was a technical challenge to bring to mobile devices. A lot of time was spent on performance optimization both on the CPU side and on the GPU side to get the game running smoothly on low-power devices. Some of the techniques used are presented in this session.

Tags: Embedded Hands on Mobile