Jim McCarthy

Culture hacking and the coming era of magnificence

Jim McCarthy began his career as a software/high tech guy 35 years ago. Over the years, he has synthesized what he has learned from his software development and executive corporate experience and applied it to solving the riddles of team dynamics. Jim has led large software development, business and marketing efforts at Bell Labs, The Whitewater Group, and Microsoft Corporation. Jim also has experience as a consultant, coach, motivational keynote speaker and teacher.




The Core protocols - Warp-Speed Results for any Team And the Common Platform for the Culture Tech Revolution

Thursday 15.40 - 16.30 in: Ken Lee

Agility is the power of moving quickly and easily, a behavioral nimbleness arising from the ability to think and draw conclusions together quickly. Maximal agility can be achieved with any group by using a small set of interpersonal protocols, called the Core Protocols.

More than two thousand seasoned corporate executives, program managers and technologists of all types have participated in McCarthy-led team formation and product development simulations (called BootCamp). Through these intense simulations, the McCarthys and the BootCamp teams developed – over a period of some 15 years - a reproducible way to always get a team into a state of shared vision, leading to the hyper-productivity and seamless communication characteristic of maximal agility. This technology is The Core Protocols, eleven commitments and eleven specified behaviors that that will always lead a group to maximal agility.

When consistently applied by a team, The Core Protocols generate breathtaking team alignment, a potent state of shared vision. Previously, there were no reliable means for generating shared vision at will, nor a straightforward way to deliver the associated results and agility. Now, individuals and team can consistently achieve their goals and surpass what they expect of themselves both in the quality and the extent of their repeated achievements.

In this session, Jim McCarthy will describe in detail the Core Protocols which any group can use to attain alignment and maximize group agility, and the participants will experience first hand the promise and application of these tools to their everyday life.

Moreover, the class will be illuminated on the developing need and use of the Core Protocols as a common platform for cultural innovation, an operating system that can support the myriad of ideas developing in the nascent field of Culture Tech.

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Culture hacking and the coming era of magnificence

Wednesday 18.00 - 19.00 in: Keynote

A culture is the set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices that both describes and defines a group. Our era is increasingly characterized by an emergent “software culture.” Not only is software itself creating much of our global wealth, but the unique challenges of creating our software have demanded wholly new types of engineered corporate culture from us. In response to the demands of software, various high tech development disciplines have been articulated and “packaged up.” We have created several seminal management “movements” (such as Agile, Scrum, XP, etc.). These movements represent the birth of culture engineering and, although they are in and of themselves significant, they are very primitive compared to what will soon follow.

Culture hacking is itself a distinct kind of culture engineering, and is faithful to the particular hacker ethos that originated in the world of software hacking. Good culture hacking will tend to protect personal freedom, extend openness, embody rationality and promote culture design elegance. Culture hacking takes into account the limits and uses of authority, is skeptical of incoherent institutional power, and is subversive of it. As our many cultures become increasingly (and fruitfully) hacked, we will likely grow enormously in effectiveness, and ambition. Happily, such rich and desirable productivity gains will be contingent upon culturally designed nobility of purpose, and a potent and virtuous cycle will kick in.

This cycle will lead to an era of widespread and abundant greatness, an era of magnificence.

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