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Course: Innovation games

Maarten Volders is the founder at Challenges in the creative digital economy like accelerating change, knowledge leveling and hyper-competition are forcing organizations to become highly adaptable, endlessly inventive and truly inspiring. A program based on continuous and validated organizational learning makes Agileminds a different kind of innovation accelerator. Maarten is a changemaker, innovator, and rulebreaker. Het just wants to have fun!





The Future of Work is about being more Human - Gamestorming

Friday 15.20 - 16.10 in: Gangnam Style

Work, society, and technology are all changing at breakneck speeds. The systems we design for become more complex, work is changing from a solo activity to a team sport, where individuals, teams, partners, customers, ... need to work together. Cross-­‐functional collaboration requires new skills and practices. How can you engage more people in the process, without losing the creative culture and energy that fuels the process?

Einstein once said “Play is the highest form of research.” Gamestorming is about crafting and playing small but significant games to refine, iterate, prototype, and execute ideas. Gamestorming applies game thinking and game mechanics to help you quickly form simple models of complex systems, so you can involve others in your thinking, explore systems, and experience them from within to gain new insights.

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Course: Innovation games

Monday 8.30 - 16.30 in: Nyan Cat

Modern product development practices, especially those that focus on innovative products and services, place great emphasis on having development teams work directly with customers. This is good news, for the foundation of innovation is a genuine understanding of your customers needed, and then using this understanding to create more effective ways of solving their problems.

This two-day, interactive course, based on the material in Luke Hohmann's Innovation Games book, tackles the challenge of developing customer understanding by providing you with a fresh perspective on how to use a variety of games with your customers to develop the understanding that forms the foundation of innovation. You’ll find that if you use them, you’ll come to understand what your customers really want. You’ll have fun doing it. Perhaps more importantly, they’ll have fun doing it. Armed with this understanding, you’ll be able to create the breakthrough, innovative products that are the foundation of lasting success.

Areas where you can use Innovation Games:
Discover what customers don’t like about your offerings
Uncover unspoken needs and breakthrough opportunities
Understand where your offerings fit into your customers’ operations
Clarify exactly how and when customers will use your product or service
Deliver the right new features, and make better strategy decisions
Increase empathy for the customers’ experience within your organization
Improve the effectiveness of the sales and service organizations
Identify your most effective marketing messages and sellable features

Upon completing this course, participants will be able to use Innovation Games® in new product development and ongoing product development processes to collaboratively identify, shape and prioritize breakthrough products and services.

The Innovation Games training includes the most recent breakthrough finding of Gamestorming a book by Visual Thinking and Creative Thinking guru Dave Gray. Great things don't happen in a vacuum. But creating an environment for creative thinking and innovation can be a daunting challenge. How can you make it happen at your company? This course includes:

Overcome conflict and increase engagement with team-oriented games
Improve collaboration and communication with visual-thinking techniques
Promote understanding by role playing customer and user experience
Generate better ideas and more of them – faster than ever before
Shorten meetings and make them more productive
Stimulate and explore complex systems, interactions, and dynamics
Identify a problem’s root cause and find the paths that point toward a solution

And trust me, it's serious fun!

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