Mikhail Naganov

Chrome on Android: developing HTML5 Web applications

Born in 1980, St. Petersburg, Russia. Graduated MSc in Software Engineering in 2001 from St. Petersburg State University. Got a PhD degree in 2007, also from StPSU. Worked on telecommunication projects in parallel with studying. Joined Google at 2008. Worked on Google Calendar and Chrome Developer Tools in Google Russia, St. Petersburg. Currently working at Google UK in London on Chrome for Android.




Chrome on Android: developing HTML5 Web applications

Wednesday 11.10 - 12.00 in: Nyan Cat

Developing a native mobile application that will work across all existing mobile stacks is hard. An alternative is to turn it into a Web application leveraging technologies provided by the HTML5 Web platform. Chrome on Android is a mobile browser implementing a rich set of OWP features, allowing to develop Web applications that are hardly distinguishable from native ones. Chrome on Android also provides an enjoyable debugging experience by reusing amazing Developer Tools from the desktop version of Chrome.

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