Ola Wassvik, Andreas Olsson, Dag König, Robert Gavelin

Touch it – don’t touch it


Touch it – don’t touch it

Thursday 14.10 - 15.00 in: Honey Badger

Multi-touch and more
Planar Scatter Detection (PSD) is a novel method for making optical multi-touch devices. PSD utilizes the physical principle of FTIR (Frustrated Total Internal Reflection) in combination with proprietary optical detection and advanced decoding algorithms. The technology relies on the fact that as computational power continues to decline in cost, it will always be beneficial to implement a touch system where the detection is simple and the processing of data is complex. PSD enables the creation of multi-touch systems with certain key advantages: they can be manufactured in slim, flush form factors at low cost, they can provide unlimited simultaneous touches, and they can scale to cover any size ranging from mobile handsets to interactive whiteboards. Furthermore PSD gives the ability to detect relative pressure from all input points giving an additional dimension to the interaction with the touch screen.

You can't touch this! The missing piece of the Natural User Interface puzzle
There is a lot of buzz around Natural User Interfaces nowadays. In this lightning talk we will cover what makes some of the current products natural and what the missing piece is...

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