Ole Qvist-Sørensen

Why getting everyone on the same page matters

Since founding Bigger Picture in 2003, Ole Qvist-Sørensen has been delivering consulting services in the areas of strategic communication, leadership training and change processes design and facilitation. The aim for every intervention is to enable ongoing sustainable organisational and personal change. The foundation for Ole's work is a strong pedagogical framework for team- and organisational learning. Ole is a trainer, process consultant and graphic facilitator.




Why getting everyone on the same page matters

Wednesday 15.40 - 17.35 in: Ken Lee

This is a hands on session into the world of visual thinking and practice.
You will learn 7 basic elements which enables you to communicate almost anything with simple strokes of a pen.
It is a powerful tool for thinking, learning and collaborating.
Re-learn and re-experience what it means to draw and visualize.
This session is for everyone hooked on creating understanding, engagement and ownership in projects, meetings and ideas.
If you wish to step away from using PPT as main tool for communication and engagement, you might also want to come.
It is not a prerequisite to be good at drawing to attend this session. On the contrary.

Tags: Agile Creative Fun Hands on Team Wetware