Ryan McGeary

Asynchronous Collaboration: Communicating Through Our Source Code

Ryan McGeary is a business starter, freelance software consultant, speaker, and amateur triathlete. Ryan is a partner and co-founder of BusyConf.com, a conference organizing web application. He is also the owner of McGeary Consulting Group, a software development and consulting firm in Virginia, USA. Ryan is also co-founder of Let Me Google That For You. Ryan specializes in web application development and enjoys leveraging new tools and frameworks for his day to day development efforts.






Asynchronous Collaboration: Communicating Through Our Source Code

Wednesday 13.00 - 13.50 in: Ken Lee

We hear a lot about how strong communication and collaboration are key to a successul project. We spend a lot of time focusing on stand-up meetings and pair programming, but there are other very effective means of keeping the team on the same page that not only avoid daily interruptions but also provide long-term benefit. Learn how your team can improve your own collaboration with just a bit of discipline and relatively low overhead.

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