Stephen Vance

Automated Testing Strategies for Databases

Stephen Vance has been a technology developer, consultant and manager for the last two decades. As a manager, he has promoted Agile practices since before the "Agile" label was invented. As a consultant, Stephen advised companies from startups to US Fortune 100 in North America, Europe and China. He is currently a hands-on Engineering Manager at Cengage Learning and is writing a book on software testing techniques for Addison-Wesley.





Automated Testing Strategies for Databases

Thursday 11.10 - 12.00 in: Keyboard Cat

Almost all significant applications involve some sort of database. Many challenges come up when automating tests of data-intensive applications, including test repeatability, performance, transactional integrity and parallel test execution. This session will present solutions to these problems along with concrete implementations. Participants will be expected to have a working knowledge of relational databases and an understanding of the principles of database programming and test automation.

Tags: Back end Hard Core Test