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Session: Discovering the obvious

Friday, 15:35 - 16:25
Track: Social media

We have a global problem! 1 billion people are suffering from malnutrition and hunger. 1 billion people are suffering from obesity. We can and must make malnutrition and obesity history in our lifetime.
How we're using the principles of social currency and gaming as an incentive to encourage people to become more physically active and make healthier food choices, and in doing so, provide life saving nutrition to those most in need.
Our solution is called Goodcred, a new kind of Trusted Third Paty (TTP) 'good actions' cause marketing transaction enabling platform, that's interoperable with all social graph digital touch points.
For the first time ever, 'Goodcred will enable the entire US food industry to deliver meaningful, relevant and much needed incentives that help in the fight to make obesity and malnutrition history in our lifetime.



Steve Jennings

Steve’s is the founder and former CEO of Maxim, one of Europe’s leading functional food companies, and one of the founding members of PepsiCo’s ‘good-for-you’ health & wellness innovation team. Steve has a unique ‘active lifestyle’ technology perspective and a wealth of consumer insights and food industry knowledge. Steve is a social entrepreneur with a passion for consumer branding, citizen empowerment technology, and cause marketing.


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