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Speaker: Per Åström

Per Åström has over ten years of experience as a CTO for some of swedens largest websites. He has experience from both working close to developers, product owners and editors and on long term IT strategy for large companies as Schibsted. Per Åström is currently working at TV4 responsible for all technical aspects of TV4's internet presence.



Build websites with building blocks from the web

Track: Web development, thursday 15:35 - 16:25

If you are building a website today there are many alternatives to the old way of doing it when you did everything by yourself. Open source, software as a service, hosting in the cloud and other technologies change the game field and offer many good alternatives. In many situations you are better off using building blocks offered by someone else instead of developing your own functionality from scratch. This session will talk about what's available and what you should expect when you start using building blocks of the web - both for the small site and the large media site.

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