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Speaker: Sean Cribbs

Sean Cribbs returned to programming in 2006 after three years as a professional musician and instantly fell in love with Ruby. Since 2007, he has been crafting web applications as Prime Motif, Inc. primarily in Ruby, Erlang, and Javascript. In March 2010, Sean joined Basho Technologies to support and evangelize their internet-scale database, Riak. An active open-source author and contributor, he has also been lead developer and release manager of Radiant CMS since 2008.


Webmachine: Focus on Resources

Track: Web development, thursday 13:10 - 14:00

Webmachine is a system for easily and declaratively building well-behaved HTTP applications in Erlang. It is based on a very different execution model than most web frameworks, making it easy to focus on writing the core of your application while also helping you do the harder parts of HTTP right.  We will discuss Webmachine's unusual Web programming model, contrast it with prevailing notions in web frameworks, and demonstrate how to quickly build and extend RESTful web applications in Erlang.

Riak: Practical, Scalable Key-Value Storage

Track: nosql, tuesday 13:10 - 14:00

Riak is a decentralized Dynamo-like key-value store that is scalable and robust in the face of hardware and software failure. In addition to being a simple, fault-tolerant datastore, Riak supports graph-like operations via links, and more complex queries via map-reduce, making it practical many applications beyond key-value. We'll discuss how Riak works and how organizations from small startups to Fortune 500 companies are using it to power real-world applications.


Track: nosql, monday - all day

Riak is a flexible, easy-to-use Dynamo-inspired key-value store that scales predictably. We'll cover the basics of using Riak, including:

* Riak core concepts
* Installing Riak
* Creating a cluster
* Storing, retrieving and updating data in Riak
* Using links to create and query relationships
* Performing more complex queries with MapReduce

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