Session: Git on Android: Spreading Rebellion

Wednesday 16.45 - 17.35
Room: Grinding the Crack

A distributed version control system lets projects spread like fire in dry grass- and if the aim is to make the flame spread, it should be able to reach even the device resting in your pocket. Developing a Git client for Android threw up a bunch of interesting challenges; from low-level bug-hunting in the source of Android to unusual UI tricks. This talk describes those challenges, the curious bugs found, and the resulting Grand Tour of open-source projects; patching Android and even Git itself.

Tags: Java Mobile Tools UX


This talk will enter into some geeky technical detail unless someone can figure out how to stop the speaker from getting excited about directed acyclic graphs.

Roberto TyleyRoberto Tyley

Roberto Tyley is the author of Agit (the Git client for Android devices), a software developer at The Guardian, and contributor to various open-source projects. He's worked at GitHub, 'invented' animated diffs, and loves explaining things.