Roberto Tyley

Git on Android: Spreading Rebellion

Roberto Tyley is the author of Agit (the Git client for Android devices), a software developer at The Guardian, and contributor to various open-source projects. He's worked at GitHub, 'invented' animated diffs, and loves explaining things.





Git on Android: Spreading Rebellion

Wednesday 16.45 - 17.35 in: Grinding the Crack

A distributed version control system lets projects spread like fire in dry grass- and if the aim is to make the flame spread, it should be able to reach even the device resting in your pocket. Developing a Git client for Android threw up a bunch of interesting challenges; from low-level bug-hunting in the source of Android to unusual UI tricks. This talk describes those challenges, the curious bugs found, and the resulting Grand Tour of open-source projects; patching Android and even Git itself.

Tags: Java Mobile Tools UX