Session: Performance and Capacity in a Cloud

Friday 11.10 - 12.00
Room: Honey Badger

As the software world continues to shift to cloud based solutions, testing professionals are expected to provide answers to the new questions:
How quickly will the system respond?
How many machines (servers, load balancers, switches, etc.) do we need?
What happens when a machine (or a rack, cluster, data-center) fails?
What is the performance cost of a new feature?
Questions such as these have long been labeled, in the software engineering field, as “important,” “difficult,” and “expensive.”
This session will introduce these topics and give examples for services most people are familiar with.

Tags: Cloud Dev Ops Hard Core Test

Goranka BjedovGoranka Bjedov

Goranka Bjedov works as a Capacity Planning Engineer at Facebook. Her main interests include performance, capacity and reliability analysis. Prior to joining Facebook, Goranka has also spent five years performance testing at Google and worked for Network Appliance and AT&T Labs. Prior to that she was a professor at Purdue University. A speaker at numerous testing and performance conferences around the world, Goranka has authored many papers, presentations and two textbooks.