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Track: Web development

The web is undergoing one of its biggest transformations ever. No longer is the web a place for static information, but the place for your advanced applications, a place to find computation resources, a place where you meet your friends and collegues. Also, the web is no longer something for your computer alone. The web is everything, from a smart power meter to your TV set. Join us in this track to explore the possibilities of today and tomorrow together with some of the most prominent experts in fields like HTML5, Javascript, Social media, web based testing and more.


10:15 - 11:05

Higher-Order Javascript

Learning higher order programming techniques is a right of passage for any serious programmer working in languages that have first class functions. Learning about a surprisingly small set of techniques for factoring code when functions themselves are just another data structure will change the way you look at programs and programming languages for ever. It certainly did for me. Javascript is a great language for applying these techniques - you're probably using them every day already.

Piers Cawley

Piers is a long term Perl programmer whose returned to the language after a serious dalliance with Ruby. He's also dabbled more or less seriously with JavaScript, Lisp, Scheme, Smalltalk, Clojure and is currently learning Haskell for about the third time. One day it'll stick. When he's not working on the iPlayer for the BBC, he's a folk singer and photographer and, for one conference only, Giles Bowkett's stunt double.

11:20 - 12:10

Haml and Sass: Making HTML and CSS Tolerable

Haml and Sass are two languages that have been growing in popularity since I first introduced them in 2005. They both are ways to construct and conceptualize the HTML and CSS output of your web applications.
Originally a Ruby technology, there are now Haml interpreters in almost every language: PHP, Java, Python, .NET, ASP.NET, Scala, and Javascript.

Come learn about these two exciting languages and have your mind stretched a bit.

Andrew Chalkley

Andrew is a big fan of jQuery and has been using it since its initial release. His work has included writing Ruby on Rails applications for the insurance sector, developing the the front end for various public and private facing government websites.
He is currently working with commercial and non profit organisations working on a variety of educational websites and iPhone projects. Andrew speaks all over the UK on open source technologies such as Rails, jQuery and Appcelerator for Mobile.

13:10 - 14:00

Webmachine: Focus on Resources

Webmachine is a system for easily and declaratively building well-behaved HTTP applications in Erlang. It is based on a very different execution model than most web frameworks, making it easy to focus on writing the core of your application while also helping you do the harder parts of HTTP right. We will discuss Webmachine's unusual Web programming model, contrast it with prevailing notions in web frameworks, and demonstrate how to quickly build and extend RESTful web applications in Erlang

Sean Cribbs

Sean Cribbs returned to programming in 2006 after three years as a professional musician and instantly fell in love with Ruby. Since 2007, he has been crafting web applications as Prime Motif, Inc. primarily in Ruby, Erlang, and Javascript. In March 2010, Sean joined Basho Technologies to support and evangelize their internet-scale database, Riak. An active open-source author and contributor, he has also been lead developer and release manager of Radiant CMS since 2008.

14:15 - 15:05

The type we want

Recently, custom type on the web has gone from a slow evolution to a rapid succession of new technologies, and new services. This session will cover the history of embedding fonts, diving into the options available to us today and finally taking a look at the hurdles still ahead.

Jonathan Snook

Jonathan Snook is an internationally-admired web designer and developer, and a gifted creator of striking designs and impeccable markup and code. He moves effortlessly from client-side, front-end work to hardcore server-side challenges, and his fluency in CSS, JavaScript, and MySQL has made  him the "turn-to" man for many high-profile clients. Jonathan now works as a Front-end Engineer at Yahoo!.

15:35 - 16:25

Build websites with building blocks from the web

If you are building a website today you don't have to do everything yourself. Building blocks found on the web change the game field and offer many good alternatives. In many situations you are better off using building blocks offered by someone else instead of developing your own functionality from scratch. This session will talk about what's available and what you should expect when you start using building blocks of the web - both for the small site and the large media site.

Per Åström

Per Åström has over ten years of experience as a CTO for some of swedens largest websites. He has experience from both working close to developers, product owners and editors and on long term IT strategy for large companies as Schibsted. Per Åström is currently working at TV4 responsible for all technical aspects of TV4's internet presence.

16:40 - 17:30

Taking WordPress Beyond the Blog

There's a misconception that WordPress is a blog platform. While that used to be the case, today it is so much more. With the launch of version 3.0, WordPress took a big step towards its CMS siblings, with the ease of managing and development intact. You can build just about any content-based site with WordPress, while maintaining the ease and swift deployment that the platform is known for, cutting costs and offering the a content publishing tool anyone can use.

Thord Daniel Hedengren

Thord Daniel Hedengren is addicted to words, which led him to launch his first online newsletter in 1996. He has a career as editor and freelancer both in Sweden and abroad.

A blog post led to a book deal with Wiley, which led to the publication of Smashing WordPress: Beyond the Blog. The book still sits on the web tech bestselling lists on Amazon, so now he's wrapping up another one.

When not obsessed with words, Thord and friends are building cool websites using WordPress at Odd Alice.

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