Session: Architecture Without an End State

Wednesday, 15:40 - 16:30
Track: Architecture

Most architecture efforts have a strong waterfall nature to them. Architects create an end-state vision with a multi-year plan to achieve it. Of course, the business and technological contexts both change long before that can be achieved. The result is a series of half-finished, very expensive, enterprise architecture initiatives. Instead, we should create architecture that is specifically optimized for change, with principles about where to place certain decisions and how to adapt over time.

Michael Nygard

Michael's desire to teach what he knows shows in daily work, speaking engagements, and writing. Michael wrote "Release It!"---about building large scale systems to survive the real world, rather than just passing QA---and has contributed to several other books. These days, he is devoted to improving the odds that a client's system will make money for them, by understanding time, uncertainty, risk, ignorance, and architecture.

Michael Nygard