Track: Smart phone

This is the track for you, the smartphone developer, or someone who's expert in an area closely related to a smartphone platform. It contains some sessions which are platform specific, and others that are relevant for all smartphone developers. Smartphones have a lot in common, but are at the same time often diverse. The end user expects an experience that is consistent between applications and the organization behind them, being as well desirous that they deliver the same features across numerous platforms. The market is also more mature now, the era of the "fart -app" has passed and everyone expects more of the applications. The Øredev smartphone track wants to enable you as a developer to better meet the needs of the one who holds the phone in his/her hand.



Building Mobile Phone Applications in the Cloud

Learn how to build mobile applications for Windows Phone 7, iOS, and Android that are backed by scalable cloud components hosted in Windows Azure. This demo-focused session will cover the end-to-end experience and address how to tackle issues such as authentication, storage, and notification using the Windows Azure Toolkit for Windows Phone 7, iOS, and Android.

Building Mobile Phone Applications in the Cloud

Nick Harris

Nick Harris is a Technical Evangelist at Microsoft specializing in Windows Azure. Before Microsoft, he founded AdGAC - a mobile advertising company developed using Windows Azure, WP7 and ASP.NET MVC. In the 9 years prior, Nick worked as both a consultant and Senior Software Engineer delivering smart client apps, distributed enterprise apps and airborne software systems. While not working you can find him blogging about Windows Azure along with a diverse range of other related content.


Advanced API design: how an awesome API can attract friends, make you rich, and change the world

APIs are becoming ubiquitous, but they are really hard to design well. In this talk, we'll discuss how to design and implement an API that isn't just functional, but makes people stand up and cheer. We'll also cover tips for integrating with other people's APIs. But an awesome API isn't just a feature. APIs are currently transforming the world, just like open source software has changed the world for the last decade. We'll talk about how this transformation impacts developers and changes the rules.

Advanced API design: how an awesome API can attract friends, make you rich, and change the world

Jon Dahl

Jonathan is co-founder of Zencoder, a Y Combinator-backed startup that provides awesome video encoding as a service in the cloud. Before Zencoder, ran a Ruby on Rails development shop, blogged at, wrote a Master's thesis on philosophy and theology, and tried (unsuccessfully) to become a Lisp hacker.


How hackers attack your smartphones and tablets

This live-demo session will show actual examples of how attackers could gain full control over your smartphone or tablet; enabling them to steal sensitive data, use it as audio recording device for eavesdropping, or remote-control your device to send SMS messages, place phone calls, and much more. The demos will also show why such attacks are likely to be left undetected by antivirus products, and that the malware could even remain after a factory reset or firmware update. Users as well as IT managers are getting more and more concerned about protecting their assets on mobile devices, and I will talk about several built-in security mechanisms that could improve the overall security if configured correctly

How hackers attack your smartphones and tablets

Emil Kvarnhammar

Emil Kvarnhammar is specialized in mobile platforms, with focus on security and MDM (Mobile Device Management). He has been involved in the development of many different mobile products and hardware related software components. A recent example is as Lead Engineer for the development and optimization of PlayStation™ emulation in Xperia™ Play, at Sony Ericsson in Silicon Valley. Today he is doing security analysis, vulnerability testing and development of mobile software at TrueSec. He also holds courses and seminars about secure application development and MDM.


Realworld XNA on Windows Phone

With XNA it's possible to write once and deploy on three platform: PC, XBox and Windows Phone. This talk will go into the depths of XNA on Windows Phone. You will learn the tricks of the trade from real published projects. Additionally, you will learn how to port applications from iPhone to Windows Phone with minimal effort.

Realworld XNA on Windows Phone

Johan Lindfors

Johan Lindfors has been working with Windows Phone since the early days of Windows Mobile and are often speaking about the platform at various events. Johan has founded the company Coderox, currently entirely focused on Windows Phone 7 with various customers and engagements, some leveraging Silverlight and others using XNA. Before Coderox, he worked at Microsoft for almost 13 years, and have also been the head of development at Infozone.


Are we carrying horses in our pockets? Designing secure applications for smart phones.

Kim Hindart

Lives in Uppsala and works as a Solutions Designer specializing in mobile solutions. Kim has been developing applications for Enterprises since 1998, with a background in the military and the media industry. He has made large mobile deployments on BlackBerry, Android and iOS alike. He is currently consulted by the insurance industry to assess and investigate IT-related damages and has first hand experience from "when things go wrong"