Session: Beyond Method - Using Systems Thinking to Deepen Your Mastery of Agile

Thursday, 11:10 - 12:00
Track: Agile

You've seen development methods come and go. If it seems like the methods were never good enough, that's because they weren’t. No recipe can be the right one always. But, we don't need to throw our methods away; we need to look beyond them, towards how we think. In this session, you will see how systems thinking tackles the counter-intuitive nature of many challenges. Your existing knowledge of how agile works will be complemented with an understanding of the principles on which it works.


You’ll benefit most from this session if you have a couple of years of experience of agile. Technical or management background doesn’t matter, as long as your interested in solving wicked problems.


You will: Learn why problems sometimes persist in spite of much effort to remove them, gain awareness of how worldview shapes behavior, and learn some practical tools for thinking in systems.

Tobias Fors

Tobias Fors is a software management consultant, specialized in helping teams and organizations be more effective, ship software, and have fun together. He has helped numerous well-known Swedish companies improve the way they do software development.

Tobias Fors