Session: Curing Our Binary Disease

Friday, 11:10 - 12:00
Track: Test

Software testing is too computeresque; we suffer a pass/fail addiction, with coverage obsession, metrics tumor and sick test design techniques. We can liberate ourselves and look at diverse information sources, uncovering what is important. We can investigate software as humans, make subjective judgments and handle the inevitable unknown. We can get rid of the numbers, and communicate noteworthy interpretations of what is important.


Basic understanding of software development and testing.


* testing theory is too computeresque - software is made by humans, for humans* identify and get rid of Pass/Fail and metrics addiction* focus on finding and communicating what is important

Rikard Edgren

Rikard Edgren, humanistic tester since 1998, specialized in generalities like test analysis and exploratory testing. Member of the think-tank The Test Eye. Co-author of Software Quality Characteristics, author of The Little Black Book on Test Design.

Rikard Edgren